The Craft of Plot: Show, Don’t Tell & The Whole Story

“My time for his life.” — Write for a few minutes, then give that character a disease where they learn they have only 24 hours to live. Write some more, then give that character a choice between that object and an antidote.

The Craft of Plot: What’s Up, Doc?

“Too much excitement led to injury.” — Write a very short story – not more than 200 words – about a trip to the doctor or dentist using the ABDCE (Action-Background-Development-Climax-Ending) structure.

The Craft of Plot: The Escalator

“A pirate and his rum in a rickety boat rocked by the storm. What’s the worst that could happen?” — Write a scene of 250-350 words featuring a character with one concrete want (a table, a moose, a toothbrush, anything physical is fine!) and one weakness. Use these two features to drive the action of the plot. Set up the story where every other sentence is a rising action.