About + FAQ

Why this blog?

This started as a place to post my peer-graded assignment submissions to Wesleyan University’s NaNoWriMo Creative Writing Course on Coursera for the purpose of sharing them. Some of them are given final tweaks (e.g. alternative past tense verb or clarification of who said what) according to the feedback I received in the peer grading system.

Currently, this blog is where I share my short stories.

What’s with the name?

I like the tapping sound of a keyboard—my own, that is. Others’ can be distracting when my ears decide to be sensitive.

And any self-respecting writer needs her coffee break. Or tea break, if coffee is a no-no.

Walk me through this site.

Home Page

Lists ten of the latest posts. Every post’s title is the title of the story, except the Creative Writing Course titles which are in the format of [Course Name]: [Assignment Title].

Under the title is the excerpt or summary of the story. Creative Writing Course posts will also have an excerpt of the assignment’s objective. To read the whole post, click or tap on the title.

Post Page – General

Creative Writing Course posts will have a different format than described below; please read the next section.

The first line for a general story post will be the word count of the story. Hopefully, this will prepare you for the reading ahead.

After the story, there will be tags. They’re pretty self-explanatory. You can click/tap them to see similar posts.

Most of the posts will have the Notes section, which contains my thoughts about the making of the story.

Post Page – Creative Writing Course Posts

Creative Writing Course posts have some additional features.

On the first line, I will write NaNoWriMo Course [x], Week [y]. This is self-explanatory, I assume.

Next, I will put the Assignment Details section. This is copy-pasted unedited from the course page. The purpose is for you to read what was asked for in the assignment, in the hopes of putting what I wrote in context.

After the horizontal line is the title I gave to the story, the story’s word count, and the story itself. I hope you enjoy them!

Can I comment?

Sure you can! I always appreciate constructive comments. Note that they will go through moderation first. This ensures that no feedbacks will be left unread.


Read on, and enjoy your stay!