The Craft of Plot: What’s Up, Doc?

NaNoWriMo Course 4, Week 2

Assignment Description:

Write a very short story – not more than 200 words – about a trip to the doctor or dentist using the ABDCE structure.

Remember, the action in this story isn’t the actual doctor’s office visit. The action is what LEADS you to the doctor’s office.

Too Much Excitement, I Guess

210 words

My first date story is funny—and embarrassing. We didn’t go to a fancy restaurant or even to the movies: we went to the doctor. Or, well, I did.

Nearly two and a half years ago, my boyfriend and I were a new couple. It was the first time having a significant other for both of us. I was both nervous and excited for our first real date; we were going to eat at a restaurant known for their cute and tasty dessert menu. I had class on the day of the date, and as usual, I took the shuttle bus back to the dorm. I hopped down the bus onto the driveway pavement.

And fell, spectacularly.

Now I am not usually clumsy—I like to walk near the edges of the road gutters to avoid the busy traffic—but I was that high on anticipation, my alertness was dulled. Since I couldn’t stand up by myself, the security guards on standby had to help me to the building’s lobby. I told my boyfriend to postpone the date. Half an hour later, he came with a worried look and took me to a clinic near campus. I couldn’t walk properly for days.

My family still laugh at me for this.


Here you go, Mom. Bet you’re real amused.

ABDCE indicators (removed from the story for this post for seamless reading):

  • Action: The first paragraph.
  • Background: The first two sentences in the second paragraph.
  • Development: The rest of the second paragraph.
  • Climax: Until I got to the lobby.
  • Ending: The rest.

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