That time Chronia discovers something incredible about herself. — Picture prompt from kavacha from Come Write Indo.

Part of Me

“A warrior girl prepares for her coming-of-age ceremonial match with her best friend.” — Prompt from my cousin: Boy meets girl, girl eats boy. **WARNING:** If you’re really, REALLY not OK with cannibalism or any kind of gore, don’t read.

The Craft of Character: Point of View

“Zorambua tries to teach Aislinn archery and time magic. She sucks. (Thank God they’re immortal.) Meanwhile, he is hyper because he has found ‘the one.’” — Write an active scene (a dinner, a romance, an adventure) from the first person POV of no more than 500 words. Now take the exact same scene and write it again from the omniscient POV, entirely from scratch and without looking at the first version.

The Craft of Character: Location, Location, Location

“The veteran surgeon shares his life with a civilian writer.” — Create a scene (700-1000 words) with at least three characters. Two of these characters should have different viewpoints on the world; one should be an “insider” in the world you’re creating, and one should be an outsider. The third character should be an eavesdropper on a conversation between the first two.

The Craft of Character: Creating a Character from An Idea

“I’m ready to learn.” — Choose a book or film that you have recently enjoyed, or select a story from mythology. Create a new character based solely on your idea, make the reader know them, and place them in a social situation with your pre-selected character from the book of film. (N.B. It’s basically a fanfiction.)

The Craft of Plot: Show, Don’t Tell & The Whole Story

“My time for his life.” — Write for a few minutes, then give that character a disease where they learn they have only 24 hours to live. Write some more, then give that character a choice between that object and an antidote.


Semua entitas kehidupan memiliki tujuannya masing-masing.

The Craft of Plot: What’s Up, Doc?

“Too much excitement led to injury.” — Write a very short story – not more than 200 words – about a trip to the doctor or dentist using the ABDCE (Action-Background-Development-Climax-Ending) structure.

The Craft of Plot: The Escalator

“A pirate and his rum in a rickety boat rocked by the storm. What’s the worst that could happen?” — Write a scene of 250-350 words featuring a character with one concrete want (a table, a moose, a toothbrush, anything physical is fine!) and one weakness. Use these two features to drive the action of the plot. Set up the story where every other sentence is a rising action.